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Connecticut Application Processing

The Connecticut Application Processing Includes:

The Connecticut application package

 Passport photo

Copying of required documents

Notarization of documents.

The State of Connecticut requires all applicants to include a copy of their training certificate

 The Applicant's Training must include "Live Fire" Training

 Simulation and non-live fire classes such as the NRA Home Safety certificates will not be accepted 


Having your home state LTC is required for non-residents of Connecticut 

If your home state does not use a fingerprint based background check system such as New Hampshire

You must include another state permit that uses fingerprint backgrounds such as Mass, Utah or Florida

even if you are not a resident of that state



The Cost is 75.00

This does not include the required training, this is only for the application processing. 




What to bring:

Your "Live Fire" Training Certificate


If you are not a resident of Connecticut, your home state carry permit or LTC


If you are a resident of a state that does not use fingerprint based background checks such as NH

 a permit from a state that does use fingerprint background checks such as Massachusetts, Maine, or Florida

 even if you are not a resident of that state

Your State Issued Drivers License

Birth Certificate or US Passport


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