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Connecticut Application Processing

The Connecticut Application Processing Includes the Connecticut application package, Passport photo, copying of required documents and notarization of documents.

The State of Connecticut requires all applicants to include a copy of their training certificate, the required certificate must be one of the following:

                                                              NRA Basic Pistol Certificate

                                                              Commonwealth of Massachusetts  LTC-002 Certificate

The State of Connecticut requires that the applicant have "Live Fire" training. Simulation and non-live fire classes such as the NRA Home Safety certificates will not be accepted.  Having your home state LTC is required for non-residents of CT.

The Cost for this is 75.00

This does not include the required training, this is only for the application processing.  If you need a Live-Fire training certification, please see the Massachusetts LTC/FID class information.


What to bring:

Your training certificate which MUST one the two listed above.

If you are not a resident of Connecticut, your home state carry permit or LTC


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