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 Law Enforcement
Training and Certification

This course is required for law enforcement to have the benefits of LEOSA (HR218)

LEOSA allows for active and retired Law Enforcement 
to carry a concealed handgun 
in all 50 States and US territories 
without any additional permits or licenses
regardless of any state or local laws


Be an active law enforcement officer 
Be a retired law enforcement officer
with a minimum of 10 years of service
who has separated from the agency in good standing
Be a retired law enforcement officer
who has retired after a probationary period
with a service related disability 

Possess a Department issued law enforcement 
identification card
Possess a department issued retired law enforcement 
identification card
a current LEOSA training and qualification card

Be a resident in the state where the Instructor is LEOSA Certified 

Possess a valid Massachusetts License to Carry Firearms

Please use the "Contact Us" Button to make arrangements for LEOSA Certification

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